Multi-Family Smart Home Solutions

Enhancing the Multi-Family experience for leads, tenants, management and owners.

Give residents and property managers the control and access they require.

Enable the resident to control residential access, lighting, thermostats and more.

Conduct self-guided tours with potential residents in a safe and secure environment on the leads schedule

Provides a seamless integration from lead to tour to lease to resident.

Why Smart Tech for Multi-Family?

  • Resident engagement, longevity and loyalty– improved safety and efficiency for residents
  • Operational savings – reduce cost associated with occupied and vacant apartments
  • Vendor operations – simplify the maintenance of the apartments – allow staff to focus on higher priorities
  • Preventative maintenance – anticipate service issues – avoid unexpected repairs
  • Go keyless – simplify move in/out process – quicker make ready
  • 24/7 Always on – extend touring hours – no need to have staff onsite
ResTech Security

Multi-Family Smart Home Adoption

  • Like many single-family homes, smart home technology is gaining traction within the multifamily industry, and developers are beginning to realize the untapped potential smart home devices can make for residents, property managers and owners.
  • Smart Home Solution are universally adopted by all asset classes demographics including Urban Center, Suburban, Senior Living, LIHTC and Student Housing.

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